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Kids Kung Fu Norcross

The Kung Fu for Kids classes will build your childs confidence, increase flexibility, improve balance, teach disipline. They will also learn to respect onself and others, gain strength and improve overal mental health.

Kung Fu Panda

The Kung Fu Panda Fu young child program is for kids below the age of 6. This class trains the child in basic respect, discipline and character to channel the child's energy into focus. Each will train to be aware of the mind and body and benefit with coordination, flexibility and balance. Parents may struggle finding activities that will help their children build these important values. Shaolin Kung Fu is the perfect way for children to learn all of these important characteristics and instill the postive values. Instruction is handled with a compassion for all students with positive reinforcement making students feel good about themselves. Our instructors serve as positive role models and have a solid understanding of the teaching methodologies that are most effective for children. At the Shaolin Institute your child will be learning life lessons allowing your child to reach their dreams and unlock their true potential.

Kung FU Tiger

This program is for 6 year olds and older to learn respect, discipline, self-control and mindfulness. We will strive to improve the child's self-confidence and self-esteem through many traditional Shaolin arts, combat self-protection and safety skills. They will receive more in depth training in traditional Shaoling Kung Fu forms weapons as well as the Shaolin Chan way of living.

All classes contain segments starting with preparing the body with breathing meditation and warming up. They continute with stretch kicks to ensure the safety of each student and provide greater flexibility. The main course of the class will focus on either basics, forms, combinations or applications resulting in high energy output finishing with a cool down period. Studens will also learn self-awareness, intuition, personal safety, combat, defensive and offensive techniques intertwined the cardio conditioning and calisthenics. In youth classes we have also formulated several games that teach self-defense so all they children enjoy themselves while learning Kung fu. Each month instruction will rotate between various levels of Shaolin traditional forms, combative strikes, kicks, Shuaijiao wrestling, Qinna grappling and submissions combined with highly internal training.Internal training consists of Qi development, character building and mind development. We must not only learn skills and techniques but grow our wisdom of Chan. Most important of all is the happy Qi. "Kungfu time is a fun time; arduous training produces great energy and happy Qi".

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