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Tai Chi for Natural Healing

Tai Chi for cancer healing, injury recovery, diabetes and more

Shi Deru of the Shaolin Institute is not only a Kung Fu Grandmaster but also a medical doctor trained in both Western and Eastern philosophies. Shifu has assisted many people with cancer, teaching them how to improve their lives through proper nutrition, mental wellness, breathing techniques to deliver oxygen to the body, Tai Chi, and exercise.

Ray Blue celebrated World Tai Chi Day event in Norcross Georgia in April 2013. Ray spoke about surviving stage 4 cancer with the assistance from Shi DeRu the "Teaching Father" of the Shaolin Institute. Ray had been told by his doctors that there was nothing left that could be done and he fought all odds with determination and a will to live. He changed his mindset, he made the choice to survive. He made the choice that no doctor would prescribe a death sentence to him prematurely. Ray speaks about his experiences with Shi DeRu as an example of how the body, mind and spirit can prevail.

Discovery House and the Shaolin Institute

Discovery House ( and the Shaolin Institute have joined forces to provide natural healing and complement ongoing drug treatment and prepare the client for the eventual return to life. Discovery House clients learn to live life again by participating in group recreational activities and their own day to day life functions such as shopping and cooking. They learn to help each other and to receive help in return - all as part of the therapeutic community.