Sanshou Kickboxing


Sanshou Kickboxing Is a self-defense and combat sport that has its origins in traditional combative Kung Fu developed with modern combat fighting techniques. It combines a variety of fighting styles and maneuvers such as strikes, punches, kicks, wrestling holds, takedowns, throws, and sweeps, all meant to quickly disarm an opponent. It incorporates Qin Na, an ancient Chinese system of grappling, joint manipulation, and arm-leg locks to disable opponents, and Shuai Jiao, a Chinese combat wrestling which emphasizes quick techniques and trapping/entrapping throws. Qin Na and Shuai Jiao are the martial base Judo and Jujitsu were derived from.

As in all Shaolin martial arts, students are taught not only the fighting techniques but also the mindset necessary to out-strategize the opponent by fully connecting with one’s Qi (energy).The class involves a more intense cardio and muscle endurance than non-combative Kung Fu, but it’s an excellent way to get fit and test your skills at defending yourself. Sparring is conducted only under the supervision of an instructor and approved protective gear is required.

Extreme Sanda

Extreme Sanshou/Sanda is evolved from Kung Fu, which is an ancient martial art with over 4,000 years-old history, later developed by the Shaolin Monks of China and used during times of survival in the wild mountain and unpleasant war. It is now seen in sports such as Xreme Sanshou, a full body professional fighting contest in the modern day ring, incorporating every aspect of Kung Fu, including kicks, punches, grabs, throws, grappling, locking and interceptions. It is unlike any other fighting sport and demands incredible mental strategy and physical strength, making it the most exciting fighting style existing in the world today. It is entirely different from MMA, which focus on violence and brutality without sufficient skills. Kung Fu/Sanshou incorporates skills, talents, character, self-control and indomitable spirit of the ancient Shaolin.

This fight is captivating and the highest test for true martial artists who incorporate their knowledge of skills, talents, tolerance, discipline and control under the most extreme set of circumstances. The true martial artist knows that Kung Fu is a genuine expression of movements and motion that comes from each unique individual. Not only does one express the flow of energy from within the individual, but also comprehends and anticipates the opponent’s energy in a contest. It is a basic understanding that one microcosm of energy represents the universal energy, power and life-force (Qi). Much is being written today on this field of knowledge.