Sanda/Shaolin Kickboxing

Sanshou = Sanda = Chinese/Shaolin Kickboxing

Sanshou, also known as Sanda, Chinese boxing or Chinese kickboxing, Shaolin Kickboxing is a self-defense system and combat sport developed by the Chinese military based on the study and practice of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and modern combat fighting.  It includes punches, kicks, catches, takedowns, throws and sweeps.  Classes are available for beginners and advance.

Beginner Fitness Kickboxing (Beginner Level): All students start out with basic kickboxing conditioning and partner drills.  This class is focused on conditioning the body for the advance level. This class is designed for burning calories, building lean muscle, toning & conditioning your entire body, increases flexibility, excellent for strength conditioning. Self-defense is an integral part of this class. It takes 3-6 months for this program to be completed.

Sanshou/Sanda ( Intermediate and Advance Level)- Students who excel at the beginning level and wish to compete will move on to more advanced techniques.  All students will have opportunities to spar and practice their skills in a safe environment, although sparring is not mandatory. For intermediate students.

Advanced students especially will receive coaching on sparring techniques from seniors and Shifu to ensure safety and control.  This class has much higher intensity in kickboxing training, which utilizes various kicking techniques, open hand strikes, punching and kicking combinations, and floor calisthenics conditioning. A full body professional fighting contest in the modern day ring incorporating every aspect of Kung Fu including kicks, punches, grabs, throws, grappling, locking and interceptions. Sanda demands incredible mental strategy and physical strength making it the most exciting fighting style existing in the world today.


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