Kung Fu (GongFu)

Shaolin Zen, Kung Fu originated over 1500 years ago at the Shaolin Temple in China.  It is the practice of Chan (Zen) freedom of mind and body expressed through movement.  The goal of Kung Fu is for the practitioner to attain harmony, improve the individual’s mental and physical health, and to encourage a deeper level awareness and focus.

Students will learn meditation, training in grit and character through forms, applications and practical self-defense skills. We are a cultural institution that promotes the ancient Shaolin principles of honor, compassion, loyalty, integrity, and strength, leading practitioners to inner peace, wisdom and freedom of mind, body and spirit.

Through mind body conditioning, flexibility and endurance training, the Shaolin Institute’s Kung Fu class helps each student to reach their greatest potential.

Classes are divided into the following levels.

The Kung Fu curriculum starts with open-hand forms and self-defense techniques. The curriculum includes traditional Shaolin open hand forms, as well as different animal styles Students who show a commitment to the Shaolin teachings will be invited into the advanced class where they will learn more complex forms, weapons such as the staff, broadsword, straight sword, spear and more.

Panda Kung Fu with channeling for the body and mind potential:  Panda (age 4 to 6)

Kung Fu Panda classes build children’s confidence, increase flexibility, improve balance and teach discipline. Children learn to respect themselves and others, gain mental and physical strength, and cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Students will get introduced to meditation so they can learn to meditate to calm their minds and refocus.



Kids Kung Fu for potential and grit with body-mind training:  Tiger (7-11)

The Kung Fu Tiger classes help children to focus their energy, learn respect and discipline, and improve coordination, confidence, self-control, awareness, mindfulness and listening skills, in a fun, and positive environment.  Students at this age will be guided to learning how to be leaders and assist others.

Basic Adult Kung Fu for discipline, health and self-protection

The trainings are designed to incorporate flexibility training and self-defense with an intense cardiovascular workout that helps to increase speed and coordination.  These methods help students to develop physically and mentally, improving focus and self-confidence in a positive, encouraging environment that fosters a sense of well-being and community.

GBSC Kung Fu

GBSC (Golden Black Sash Champion Team) is our officially enrolled student body. After completing the basic program, students are nominated by other GBSC students or a leadership team member to join the GBSC program. The most important requirement to qualify for GBSC is dedication. Students must be committed to persevere before they can hope to attain the level of Golden Black Sash. It takes about 3-5 years to complete the first GBSC program. Training becomes more advanced at this level, with more physically explosive open-hand forms, and increased callisthenic demands.  GBSC students are taught various weapons techniques and higher level and challenge forms with a consistent experience of advanced self-defense tactics.


In the process of completing our true Shaolin Institute mission, we often face the challenges and vicissitudes of life. However, along that rough road of testing and training, we learn who we really are, and learn how to live with others harmoniously in a challenged society. Our primary mission is to restore character and integrity to humanity; to see the true freedom of self – nature; and to unveil our true nature to live in our own world. We strive to be proactive to adapt ourselves; to develop the ability to respond to any challenges; and to have a clear vision of the true world. We possess the freedom within to choose effectively where our lives are heading.

With that character and integrity, we listen to others with compassion and appreciate others with right speech and righteous action to help and to influence the world around us with positive and harmonious Qi.

As Confucius stated to us over two-thousand years ago, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

We shall start our first step of this life path with the principle of Dao that our self-nature of freedom allows us to choose what we do daily, weekly, to make wise decisions, with the wisdom of the mind instead of emotions. Let the old mind of habits be “emptied and cleared,” and let us refresh ourselves with clear vision of body and mind and like the morning meadow let us be flowing with Qi. Let us flow with nature. We shall empower ourselves and cultivate our ability to live our life and respond to events and incidents through the correct interpretation instead of reacting or reflecting with emotions or feelings. We shall see the world and see our surroundings with clear eyes. We shall choose happiness instead of gloominess or misfortunes. It is us who see light instead of darkness. It is our responsibility to see life sufferings or challenges as our training opportunities.

~ Shifu Shi DeRu


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