Basic Kung Fu
All students start with all the basic concepts and elements of Kung Fu, which are learning grit, discipline, Zen mind, freedom, creation, and innovation as well as basic conditioning, stretching, and endurance. This concepts and elements are necessary to build a mind with the ancient shaolin spirit of compassion, loyalty, and integrity. Students need to build their bodies in strength, conditioning, high discipline level skills, before they can enter the next level of GBSC, (Golden Black Sash Club).

Adults Kung Fu

Our Kung Fu class is based on traditional Shaolin teachings and methods, and designed to be a fun and great workout. The class incorporates basic flexibility training, a cardiovascular workout, self-defense, and helps to increase your speed and coordination. It’s a great way to get fit, focused and increase self-confidence. We strive to help you develop physically and mentally, offering physical fitness as well as a sense of well being and community. Adult Kung Fu classes are kept separate from the kids classes.
At the school, you will find supportive instructors and senior students ready to welcome you into our class. Our instructors are specially picked by Master Liu, based on their skills and ability to teach. We are very proud of the environment at our school. Everyone is supportive. We all help each other learn and progress together in our training.
The Kung Fu curriculum starts with many open-hand forms and basic simple self-defense techniques. As you progress, the forms and defense techniques become a bit more complex, and they build upon the basic foundation of the early movements. Eventually the student progresses onto weapons and weapon fighting sets, such as the staff, broadsword, straight sword, spear and even more. Since the Shaolin temple was a “university” of martial arts, there are innumerable techniques and weapons contained in this system for our students to become proficient in.
“Kung Fu” and Wu Shu
Gong Fu, or Wu Shu, is a collective term in Chinese meaning martial arts. Kung Fu, or Gong Fu, can be a colloquialism meaning skills and accomplishments completely non-related to martial arts.
Today’s Wu Shu often in the West refers to modernized sports. Wu Shu, which in Chinese is the literal equivalent of “Chinese martial art”, would be Zhongguo Wu Shu.
Kung Fu at our Institute is traditional Wu Shu, which is a traditional Chinese combat sport, holistic healing method and an art form, all of which emphasize both internal and external aspects of martial arts, with combat fighting movements as its main contents. It has two main categories, which are routine exercises and free combat fighting as its forms. Wu Shu, a time-honored sport in China, traces back to as early as the clan community in primitive societies (before 2600 B.C.). Kung Fu is a more familiar general term for Chinese traditional Martial Arts, especially Shaolin Kung Fu.
Kung Fu has form routines, and combat fighting can be practiced in Kung Fu pairing, defense and offense fighting, as well as Sanshou/Sanda and Qin Na-Shuaijiao.
“Shaolin Kung Fu” (Gong Fu)
1. “Shaolin Kung Fu” (Gong Fu) inherited by the Shaolin Institute, evolved from the over 1,500-year old Shaolin Temple in China which, in fact, is the actual practice of Chan freedom of mind and body movements expressed in Kung Fu form. Shaolin Kung Fu applies thousands of bodily motions to express our minds, emotions and thoughts.
2. Shaolin Kung Fu is for attaining harmony, increase an individual’s health and mental attitude, and encourage a deeper awareness and focus. We also strive to have our students become positive community representatives. This begins with the instructor’s attitude towards teaching and their students. You will be encouraged every step along the way to make sure of your progress.
3. Shaolin represents traditional Chan culture, symbolize the ancient way of loyalty and integrity and a way of life that leads to inner freedom of thinking/thoughts expressions.
4. Today’s Shaolin Kung Fu practice is not a pastime but the most serious path in life. Kung Fu is a Chan way of life. Meditation in Chan recovers our true self, to outgrow the ego.
5. Shaolin Kung Fu is a Chan way of life in practice, a step-by-step body and mind experience of meditation, mindfulness and tough physical motions, along with a complete change of the accustomed life. Shaolin Kung Fu is Chan in reality, like “boiling oil over a blazing fire”. If we wish to travel in-depth in Kung Fu, to have enlightenment in Chan, we must go through scorching experience before the truth of Kung Fu Chan smiles upon us. It is not an easy task.
6. Through the expression of Shaolin Chan Kung Fu meditation of infinite motion, we see the infinite possibility in life and discover the third eye we may have forgotten. We see our sub-consciousness filled with countless possible images as to provide us power to see into the nature of our own being that may lie hidden.
Kids Kung Fu
The Kung Fu for Kids classes builds your child’s confidence, increases flexibility, improves balance and teaches discipline. Children learn to respect oneself and others, gain strength and improve overall mental health.

Kung Fu Panda

The Kung Fu-Panda Fu young child program is for kids four to six. This class trains the child in basic respect, discipline and character to channel the child’s energy into focus. Each trains to be aware of the mind and body, and benefits with coordination, flexibility and balance. Parents may struggle finding activities that will help their children build these important values. Shaolin Kung Fu is the perfect way for children to learn all of these important characteristics and instill positive values. Instruction is handled with compassion and positive reinforcement for all students to feel good about themselves. Our instructors serve as positive role models and have a solid understanding of the teaching methodologies that are most effective for children. At the Shaolin Institute, your child learns life lessons, allowing your child to reach their dreams and unlock their true potential.

Kung Fu Tiger

This program is for ages seven and older to learn respect, discipline, self-control and mindfulness. We strive to improve the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem through many traditional Shaolin arts, combat self-protection and safety skills. They receive in-depth training in traditional Shaoling Kung Fu forms and weapons, as well as the Shaolin Chan way of living.
All classes contain segments starting with preparing the body with breathing meditation and warming up. They continue with stretch kicks to ensure the safety of each student and provide greater flexibility. The main course of the class will focus on either basics, forms, combinations or applications resulting in high energy output finishing with a cool-down period. Students will also learn self-awareness, intuition, personal safety, combat, defensive and offensive techniques, intertwined the cardio conditioning and calisthenics. In youth classes, we have also formulated several games that teach self-defense so all they children enjoy themselves while learning Kung Fu. Each month, instruction rotates between various levels of Shaolin traditional forms, combative strikes, kicks, Shuaijiao wrestling, Qin Na grappling and submissions, combined with internal training. Internal training consists of Qi development, character building and mind development. We must not only learn skills and techniques but grow our wisdom of Chan. Most important of all is the happy Qi. Kung Fu time is a fun time> Arduous training produces great energy and happy Qi.
GBSC Kung Fu
GBSC (Golden Black Sash Champion Team) is our officialy enrolled student body. When you complete the initial basic program, you will be qualified for the GBSC Team program. The basic qualification and requirement for GBSC is commitment. You must be committed to never give up before you obtain a full Golden Black Sash. It takes about 3-5 years to complete the first GBSC full pledged program. The training in Kung Fu includes Advanced physically explosive forms, weapon techniques, physical toughening, and self-protection skills. To fully practice a martial art, a person must also strive to develop and maintain a level of fitness that will allow them to improve their physical and mental capabilities.
A first training session lasts about 30-45 minutes. Kids programs are 45 minute for little tiger; 45 minutes for beginner teens and adults, and one hour for GBSC fully enrolled students adults and teens and one and half hour or more for ore advanced GBSC and beyond
Kung Fu was designed for individuals to attaining harmony, to increase an personal health, mental attitude, and encourage a deeper awareness and focus. We also strive to have our students become positive community representatives. This begins with the instructor’s attitude towards teaching and towards their students. You will be guided and encouraged through each step of your journey.
Nutrition consultation and monitoring is also part of our GBSC teaching and training program. For individuals who wish to have optimal health and wellness through proper nutrition, and to help high level students to gain optimal health and body-mind conditioning for optimal performance.
In the process of completing our true Shaolin Institute mission, we often face the challenges and vicissitudes of life. However, along that rough road of testing and training, we learn who we really are, and learn how to live with others harmoniously in a challenged society. Our primary mission is to restore character and integrity to humanity; to see the true freedom of self – nature; and to unveil our true nature to live in our own world. We strive to be proactive to adapt ourselves; to develop the ability to respond to any challenges; and to have a clear vision of the true world. We possess the freedom within to choose effectively where our lives are heading.
With that character and integrity, we listen to others with compassion and appreciate others with right speech and righteous action to help and to influence the world around us with positive and harmonious Qi.
As Confucius stated to us over two-thousand years ago, thousands of miles start with a first step. We shall start our first step of this life path with the principle of Dao that our self-nature of freedom allows us to choose what we do daily, weekly, to make wise decisions, with the wisdom of the mind instead of emotions. Let the old mind of habits be “emptied and cleared,” and let us refresh ourselves with clear vision of body and mind and like the morning meadow let us be flowing with Qi. Let us flow with nature. We shall empower ourselves and cultivate our ability to live our life and respond to events and incidents through the correct interpretation instead of reacting or reflecting with emotions or feelings. We shall see the world and see our surroundings with clear eyes. We shall choose happiness instead of gloominess or misfortunes. It is us who see light instead of darkness. It is our responsibility to see life sufferings or challenges as our training opportunities.
About Shaolin Institute
Welcome to Shaolin Institute. The institute is the largest (30,000 Sqft combined space) private institute of its kind outside China, teaching total martial arts of traditional Shaolin and modern MMA, Oriental Culture, Arts and Natural Healing.
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