The Shaolin Institute is dedicated to teach each individual in Zen mind, freedom creativity, innovation, arts and the skills of Kung Fu. The word Shaolin is a synonym of high discipline and indomitable spirit, which is the path that every student at the institute must follow. The values of the Shaolin institute’s mission is to educate, inspire, empower not only ourself but to help others to realize their greatest potentials.


Kung Fu

At Shaolin Institute, our Kung Fu program is not just an activity, but a life style with lifelong learning going far beyond black belts.


It is a wake-up call to people who need to get in shape through the most effective exercise Kickboxing to burn fat and gain fine muscles.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Tai Chi helps to improve calmness of the body and mind, opens the Qi flow, increase Qi levels and strengthen the functions of organs, ligaments, and muscles.

Zen Meditation

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. Zen meditation is being oneself, with nothing extra, in harmony with the way things are.


Join the family and get your instructor’s certification training from Shaolin Institute.


The Shaolin Institute’s purpose is to educate, enlighten, and empower every student who wishes to pursue mind/body excellence through Chan GongFu and help each discover his/her true self-nature, thereby releasing the great potential within so as to be totally free. To do so, we must cultivate ourselves to have healthy bodies and healthy minds with character, integrity, a high level of discipline, and Shaolin indomitable spirit.

Our Shifu (Teaching Father) takes very seriously his responsibility to protect and maintain the integrity of Shaolin Institute, the sacred Shaolin principles, and the powerful skills that he teaches, so always be mindful of that and show respect to Shifu and Shaolin.

Shaolin Institute teaches a way of life; one steeped in 1500 years of tradition, that embraces the sacred wisdom of the ancient Shaolin Masters and spiritual leaders. Through a comprehensive array of Asian cultural and martial arts programs, Shaolin Institute is dedicated to promoting that way of life by educating the world, one student at a time, about Shaolin’s extraordinary benefits. Values such as respect, honor, integrity, and truth to one’s self-nature are taught by focusing the mind inward to encourage the release of the student’s natural creative, artistic, and athletic talents.



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"...a new sense of dimension"

R. Bloodworth, MD
Kung Fu has added a new sense of dimension to my sense of humanity, patience & perseverance. It has also improved my self-esteem and confidence.

" thing I have ever done for myself."

V. Radican M.D.
This (Shaolin Kungfu) is the best thing I have ever done for myself in my life. I have become more precise and I had more energy even after a long surgery.


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