Sanshou, also known as Sanda, Chinese boxing or Chinese kickboxing, is a self-defense system and combat sport developed by the Chinese military based on the study and practice of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and modern combat fighting. It includes punches, kicks, catches, takedowns, throws and sweeps. At high levels, it can also include knees and elbows.
All students start out with basic kickboxing conditioning and partner drills. Students who excel at the beginning level and wish to compete will move on to more advanced techniques. All students will have opportunities to spar and practice their skills in a safe environment, although sparring is not mandatory. Usually students will start out by sparring with an instructor who will help coach them, allow them to get hits in, and has enough control to make sure the student doesn’t get hurt. Once a student demonstrates they too can spar with control, they will be allowed to spar with other students as well.
More advanced levels also incorporate Qin Na, an ancient Chinese system of grappling, joint manipulation and arm-leg locks, as well as Shuai Jiao, Chinese combat wrestling. Shuai Jiao is the original grappling art, from which Judo and Jujitsu were derived.
Kickboxing helps students increase their physical and mental strength, confidence, muscle tone, weight control, power, balance and reaction time.
The Shaolin Institute strives to embody the spirit of Shaolin in all of our programs, which emphasizes character, discipline, control, respect, tolerance and personal expression. Students will learn how to harness their Qi (bioelecritity/energy) as well as comprehend and manipulate the energy of their opponent.
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Welcome to Shaolin Institute. The institute is the largest (30,000 Sqft combined space) private institute of its kind outside China, teaching total martial arts of traditional Shaolin and modern MMA, Oriental Culture, Arts and Natural Healing.
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