Zen Tai Gong/Tai Chi

The Shaolin Institute’s internal program consists of Zen meditation, Zen (Chan) Tai Gong, Tai Chi, and Qigong.

Tai Chi is known to most as moving meditation and a good art to practice for balance.  However, Tai Chi is much more. It is considered as an “internal” or “soft” martial art. Tai Chi or TaiJi, is short for “Tai Chi Chuan” or Taiji Quan, which translates to “Supreme Ultimate Boxing,” is one of the oldest forms of internal Kung Fu.  The internal arts focus on how the body controls and generates inner strength and energy.  Tai Chi is also based on Chinese medicine, as well as Tao and Chan theory. Classes are focused on health and wellness, and opening up of different channels in the body to increase Qi flow.  As student progress into forms, self-defense applications are included in the curriculum.

Meditation and Tai Gong for Mind-Body Wellness & Healing

Zen Meditation with high conscious energy vibration frequency in harmony is an important part of a healthy body and mind training.  It has proven to relieve stress, improve focus, emotional stability, intuition, creativity, and help practitioners to gain clarity and peace of mind.  This practice changes human physiology, filling cells with energy that helps to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, lower blood lactate which reduces anxiety, reduce tension related pain such as headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems, increases serotonin which improves mood and behavior, improves the immune system and increases energy levels. It raises high plainfield of consciousness in resonance with that of the universe.

Zen Tai Gong is a system developed by Shifu DeRu.  Shifu DeRu incorporates his knowledge and experience in high conscious meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi as well as Qi therapies to have designed and developed Tai Gong.  Tai Gong transmit and expand inner consciousness in quantum communication in resonance with universe intelligence, redirects, unblocks and balances Qi, which has many physical and mental benefits for overall health and wellness.

Calmness of body and mind, opens communication, channels and mobilizes the Qi flow, increases energy levels and strengthens the functions of organs, ligaments and muscles to build immune system function especially.

Basic Tai Chi

Tai Chi classes incorporate Zen Tai Gong and Shaolin Qi Gong breathing and meditation along with qi warm- up to help everyone relax and develop Qi flow. Students can expect learning steps that will lead from breathing and meditation in high consciousness to learning forms such as Tai Gong 1-3 and simple Tai Chi.

GBSC Tai Chi

Students dedicated to continuing their practices, can enroll as an official long-term students in the Golden Black Sash Champion (GBSC) program by the way of nomination.  GBSC students will progress into more traditional forms, such as 24 and 42 international forms, the Yang style of 108 form, short Chen-style and long Chen style and weapons such as Yang sword forms.  Students enrolled in the GBSC program are considered as officially enrolled at the Shaolin Institute.

Harvard University Article

Researchers at Harvard University published growing evidence which demonstrated that Tai Chi practice, has value in treating or preventing many health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. It has shown to be valuable for many medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, back pain, arthritis, low bone density, cancer, Chrones disease, heart disease, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, sleep problems and stroke. Tai chi also helps to boost the immune system and improve respiratory-circulatory function.


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